Sabih Mir

With a background in cognitive psychology and mechanical engineering (Human Factors), I’ve worked under the umbrella of User Experience Design for 15 years. In my career I’ve been a developer, information architect, and designer in various roles and multiple projects, within small teams and large.

I take a human-centered approach to design. I truly believe in an integrated, collaborative design process where every opinion is valid, and the best solution prevails.

Since 2011 I’ve led design for, an MIT-founded, mobile healthcare startup focused on mental health care. I was the sole designer for the first two years, and have managed a small team of designers and developers from the outset.

I established the design vision and team within the company, championing a human-centered design process in an engineering-focused organization.

To date, we’ve raised $28 million and been named one of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Healthcare by Fast Company.

You can find me around the internet.